My Music

Although my background lies mainly in traditional Scottish music, I am interested in a wide variety of styles and really appreciate how these are all so easily accessible in this modern world! My interest in composition has grown from a passion for composing new music for the Scottish Harp, and I continue to be inspired by what is happening with this instrument as it enjoys a great revival.

Besides this, I have a particular interest in the usage of traditional music within larger music forms. It is interesting to me that the stylistic features of this music can become the 'accent' of a new piece even if it is written outwith the standard tune formats. I love the fact that traditional music is so melodic and immediate and for this reason most of my music is very melody-based.

For me, music has always been a kind of story-telling and I hope that any listeners can begin to find their own stories within it.

The Music Featured on The Player

Music from 'The Space Between'

Film music for upcoming feature film, due for release in June 2010. Commissioned by Lyre Productions. Violin - Anna-Wendy Stevenson
Piano - Lauren Mackie
Double Bass/Vocals - Martha Bean


Fiona Rutherford - Harp

Inspired by a poem of the same name by Scottish poet Janet Paisley.

'Fiona's Tunes'

Harp - Fiona Rutherford
Fiddle - Gris Sanderson
Guitar - Luke Jones

Recorded whilst at Dartington College of Arts, Devon.

'Reflections No.2'

Live recording at Dartington College of Arts Harp- Fiona Rutherford
Piano - Ellie Chandler


Harp - Fiona Rutherford
Double Bass - Martha Bean

'A Happy Escape/Tune for Amy'

Harp - Fiona Rutherford
Double Bass - Martha Bean

'I Give My Word' by Martha Bean

Vocals/Guitar - Martha Bean
Harp - Fiona Rutherford